Friday, February 26, 2010

bodyparts 52

hidden personalities

look at me
from right to left
from above and below
in between
what I might show
tell me what you see!

I need to finally connect
the inner me
with outer traced contour
make a whole
of my mitch-match
patches, scratches

you say I'm grounded
I am grounded alright
six feet down
covered all the way
deep down in my own dirt
I know the smell of ground

I can still stand straight
feet nailed down firmly
to solid wooden floors
locked down grounded
from my fixed viewpoint
capable enough

you talk about the light
I have seen the light
stuck my head up once
through the dunes of the sahara
the light was everywhere
running down my spine
like a glowing fireball

and once I had
a pitcher full of sunshine
poured into my womb
sheer bliss
I can't complain

you say I'm brave
oh yes, I fight my battles everyday
did you see the machetes?
one in each hand
criss crossing over wrongs
marking my defeats
on skin

they cut both deep and fast
I handle them with skill
almost invisible to human eyes
I know they scare you more than me
I recognise the taste of blood

and then you mention trust
I don't know trust that well
I'm guided more by fear
attracted to the pulse of hearts
the flow of blood
the sparkle in your eye

as I mostly travel skinless
eyes firmly shut
my inside noise covering up
every trace of guidance
I would call it stupidity
more than confidence

but I will gladly accept
all that you might offer
each handrail
every glowing sign
showing me a way
on the map that I once drew

I need to finnaly connect
become a whole
end my journey
reach my goal
unite my bodyparts

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bodyparts 51

it's a long time
since I looked into the mirror
the fear is gone
the white hairs spreading

all the rest recognizable since then

when I was looking for the answers
in other peoples eyes
in the mirrors
I passed on my way

still trying and still learning

I've deided to go slower
than my patience does allow me
standing still, the sirens screaming
waiting for them to go silent once again

wondering if it will always be a fight

I slowed down to almost still
yet time is moving forward
my face slightly older
than my soul

Sunday, March 8, 2009

bodyparts 50

like a dress twisted thrice around my body
like a wet shirt pulled up over my face

how could i breath?
how could i see?
how could i walk?
how could i find
beauty or peace?

and what on earth did you expect?


Thursday, March 5, 2009

bodyparts 49

i've been trying to catch my soul
get a glimpse of how it works
and maybe even what for

but all i learn from the effort
is that a soul has a million shapes
a billion reasons of existance
and endless halls and doors

i try to follow where it leads me
as it keeps shouting in my dreams
and only yesterday was told
that between the body and the soul
there should be visible seams

i might look into that more deeply
figure out what thread is used
a scarlet thread to follow
or a designed thread of control

or maybe i just let it be
accept the noise and colours
the ties to flesh and bones
forget the understanding
and move on through the next door

Monday, February 2, 2009

bodyparts 48


i could pretend i can swim
backstrokes, butterfly
or going
with the stream
it wouldn't take much
to convice the crowd
everybody kicking
for their own struggle and dreams
who would see
below the surface
my life jacket
the risk i take
who would say
my strokes don't work
my pedaling
is useless
when we all follow
each other
in tight
none of us needing
another weight
to carry
barely making it ourselves
i could pretend...

but i like floating more
as far as up will reach
in weightless
reaching my shore

Saturday, November 1, 2008

bodyparts 47

i'm missing a feeling of motion
a dancing in my back
a jumping in my knee caps
the twentytwo loops i could swirl around a field

i know it used to be there
like a freedom in my hips
like a promise in my backbone
elevation in my feet

but i put it all away
in a place long since forgotten
and for some now unknown reason
labeled it "old slash broken"

now gathering signs and clues and traces
to find the way back to my motions
left behind for resurrection
in a body without shame

Saturday, August 9, 2008

bodyparts 46, of a different kind

hermes and me

i made up my mind some time ago
and when i finally figured it out
the pieces fell into their place
everything i struggle with daily
condensed into one image
tatooed on my feet

i always needed to care more for my feet,
i need to care more about all of me as well but my feet.....they need more,
cause they always get less

wings, just like hermes had his,
even if he had his on his sandals and not on his feet
to make me understand that i earned them,
to make me remember that i can go anywhere i want to,
reach higher than i think,
to make me not fear my visibility,
adding a bit of my inside on my outside,
reminding me that this is for me without the need of approval or appreciation,
setting my boundaries where i want them and where i need them

Hermes the Olympian god
of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them,
of shepherds and cowherds,
of thieves and road travelers,
of orators and wit,
of literature and poets,
of athletics,
of weights and measures,
of invention,
of general commerce,
and of the cunning of thieves and liars

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bodyparts 45

mother to mother
daughter to daughter
already done before i begun
born in a dream of rebirth

in a story made from old scrap
on a road leading up to the past
mending this past with the future
covering gaps as we go

then passing it on down the line
the big hope and great fear
every goal that been spent
all the rules that were bent

mother to mother
daughter to daughter
scratched from the ground
burnt hard by the sun

fully fed to cover their hunger
from years of denial
then shaped to fit in the dream
squeezed to grow taller than all

in the need of perfect perfection
the legacy tied to our bones
with our roots uplifted and trimmed
and the body a hole to be filled

Saturday, June 28, 2008

bodyparts 44

with my eyes closed
i keep it outside
whatever it is i don't need
wherever i feel i can't reach
whoever it was i didn't reach
whoever it was i could need

it takes hard work
to keep it all out
to look as if sleeping
to look satisfied

it takes a long time
to become satisfied
in spite of closed eyes

it takes all the energy left
to reject the need felt
or to reach

until my bodyparts fall into place....

posting an old piece
it's more the inside than my parts
it's what keeps the body moving
a piece from a poetry writing challenge
the challenge was to write a poem from a-z
the first letter of each line forming the alphabet
i do love games like that!
this is also the poem pasted on my neck on my profile pic

arriving to zenith

again i sit down to play with myself
body in tension
contraction, sensation
digging a hole through my inner defence
entangled in

going to places that cannot be found
hidden on maps
impious, voluptuous
jamming the sounds of my subconciousness
kneedeep in

making a promise from the state i am in
never to let go
of my energyflow
protecting the essence of sublime existence
quivering in

subbtle yet profound the climax is near
tickling my nerves
ultimate encounter
vigorously embraced and mentally squashed
wrapped in

yearning for next time with forces unknown, i pull up my

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

bodyparts 43

still walking

i walked a long way,
from endless oceans
through dead woods
crossing high bridges naked

guided by words and silence
invisible maps in crazy dreams,
i walked a long way
to get from now to now

there are still lions walking
under the apple trees
the grass still thick and green
but much closer than before

Sunday, September 30, 2007

bodyparts 42

too much again....
now im tired of being enough
fed up with silence
with emptyness
standing here capable
struggleing managing lifting myself
big and strong as always
sufficient enough

nobody taught me to be weak
to be taken care of
lifted on strong hands
and put down carefully
nobody told me to relax
carried my books or grocery bags
lifted the weight from my shoulders
nobody offered to stand by my side
when the wind blew cold
and the walls fell down

so if there is nothing in it for me
then why dont you all just shut up
im fed up with comments of loudness
with questions of justification
glances on size
whispers in front
and behind my back
enough of the ignorance
the judging of what isnt me

now im building the fences
preparing defenses
deleting provocations
provoking your senses
if you want me to be close
if you need me and my noice
then you better give good reasons
for my love

then the circle is closed
when theres nobody here
to teach or to hold
to lift or to care
im the one standing
big and strong as always
capable and sufficient enough
getting rougher on my outside
to be smoother for myself

Friday, September 21, 2007

bodyparts 41

i am skin today
just skin
soft, pale, very tense
underneath are claws of anger
moving slowly up and down
you can see them pressing firmly up against

such a sharp persistent movement
in an anger that's held down

i am skin today
just skin
dark, gleaming, very thin
flickering from my lust
glistening hot
my need my want
slowly burning like a fire underneath

what high flames and crashing lightnings
from a pressed down yearning heat

i am skin today
just skin
very fragile, blistered, bruised
stretched out thin above
a boiling mix of
fears and tears
like an ocean with long waves and silent deeps

there was never any trust
in an ocean with that taste

i am skin today
just skin
waiting for a touch, a blow
and nobody will be sure
if it strikes, if it burns
or if it all just sucks you in
i wouldn't even know myself

cause today
i am just skin

bodyparts 40

desperatly trying
to figure out the puzzle
the pieces
and the whole
the connection of them all

how the swelling makes it harder
to figure out the space
how the holes they cover up
should be a part
of all this mess

i don't remember what i did when i was 5
no feelings, no emotions
no body to feel through
but she remembers me
she does never forget

in my dream the other night
she was knocking on my door
in a flooding light, all white
they were all standing outside
the wounded and the hurt

she was small
the girl who knocked
with a hole
straight through her chest
and a bleeding that i knew i couldn't stop

i took her in
i held her up
i was looking at her wounds
wondering how long
we can survive without a heart

still not knowing what to do
i did put her aside
, as i have always done
attending others
i imagined i could heal

i worked all night
wrapping bandaids
making room
turning my inside, upside down
for one more way to help

at the end i noticed her, still
lying where i put her down
i should at least have tried
to press my heart
inside that hole

i still don't remember
what we did when we were 5
i've been hiding it so well
all that bleeding
all that hurt

but she keeps knocking now and then
or shouting from within
making me slowly getting closer
with the puzzle
of my parts

bodyparts 39

mating, relating, the love maze n shit
to get very close
feeling bad
from embarrasing hair

to get
in there
between thighs
without feeling
n just kicking back
or fear
to be kicked
as might be the case

to give all i have
without losing
a thing
specially not

to grow
n the glow
to raise from the low

i've got friends
A                  (from the low)
B                  (start to grow)
n C               (total glow)
who said it can happen
from giving up shit
from looking real deep
from just being there
when the right one
walks in

they say it is love
or a similar
state of mind
as they all flip their hair
n laugh with their eyes
i do trust my friends
n the way that they glow

but i don't trust codes
trix or a way
to figure out how
who n why
doing what
the pure art of guiding
(called strategy)

reading signs
eating spice
flipping sides
turning round
or bow to the moon
doesn't help
i can tell

instead it could be
to see gaps
not dark holes
to slide in
to be there
to feed
the hunger
for real
to drink
every cup
of love that i get
n then pour me some more
fill it up to the rim!

set me free from the trap
of neglect

bodyparts 38

i had let the wind in
swept out the dust
shook all the carpets
and polished the knives
(to sharpen them another day)

glasses, still containing multi coloured fluids
if for treatment or seduction i dont know
they went back on the shelf
for another lonesame day
when experimenting is less risky

then with the dust cloth ready
miracle polish spray at hand
i went to clean the mirrors
all turned against the wall
by the former owner

i know that she was me as well!
but i had this idea of changes
some kind of overthrow
of rulers of the mind
now being less intimidated
by those images of self

cause i took certain treatments, i'm sure i did
forgot both how and why by now
flew far to get more insight
walked both uphill and away
there should have been
some kind of transition
a clarity within

but there it was....

still blistered buckled bruised
and without any further warning
not even given time to inhale
it took me on a ride
4 seconds flat
from heaven to hell

i just opened
all the windows again
shook the dust
out of my hair

will now sharpen those knives




bodyparts 37

nothing serious
just moving in these circles
trying to get a grip
of myself



bodyparts 36

with what and who
when one moment is
like no moment before
when one image is
like no image before
when i am not the same
from breathing in
to breathing out
how can i then
compare myself with you

bodyparts 35

there are days
of total distortion
when it all swirls around emotions

gaps and holes of fear
opening beneath my feet
then move away

safe in the movement
but still walking on razorblades
those sharp edges of guilt

from blade to blade
each breath sucked down in every depth
from guilt to fear and back again

a different walk
not walking away but walking not to fall
cutting every step new

no voice to silence this
no courage to break lose
falling, the only way to move away

so finally i fall and watch me falling
as if there is no time





then sleep again

bodyparts 34

now it's about the balance!
once again?
isn't that what i've been doing
all this time
standing on the edge
holding myself up
with the balance act
of a tightrope dancer
with the rope
around my neck
dont fall!
dont ever fall

didn't i always walk with one foot over the cliff
holding on to grass and dirt
always on the edge
looked down that abyss
so many times
it feels like home

i even fell once
all the way
at least one i remember all the way
landed on those sharp
tiny pieces
from mirrors
that fell with me
i got scars!

but i already had them
once the skin is torn
the amount
doesn't matter much
it bleeds
then scratched
as it heals
not to be forgotten
i know about
scars and
the importance of balance

this balance
is something else
balancing on nothing
cause i won't object it
cause there is nothing
to hold on to
no need for it
, im told,
i will stand absolutely still
this time
if i let go
no movement
at all
exept one

the growing
of love

bodyparts 33

i walk and walk away
my new technique to find myself,
under the weight
and then i leave what i just found
with the next step

simply just walking off
from holding on and hoping for
throwing away what might be lost
leaving the fear
of being left

even the love i feel
is thrown over my shoulder
leaving the weigt of care
this burdon that i didnt know
the burdon to hold on

no need to carry thoughts
to save it all just to feel safe
so i walk away from memories
from gathering of dreams
throwing away both good and bad

i strip clean
down to my bones
and leave it all right there
what a relief
to naked walk away

more vulnerable?
oh, yes much more!
but releasing my soul


bodyparts 32

playing with myself again
the lazy game of watching
curves and shapes
forms and shades
the magic of a body
of making image out of flesh
a cover spreading wide

playing playing playing
where my fingers know each curve and shape
my eyes still get amazed
i know a guy who loves my thigh
another dreams of boobs
each piece is valued for its joy
i love how they're combined

how i can reach a creamy part
by following a line
then fall down in a pit of warmth
a slope of rough
to pass upon
tracing a hard followed by soft
all ending in a bend

i wish it was an easy game
to also play together
to, without fear of getting stuck
or stung or burned or branded
play the game of feeling all
where my curves and body ends
yours will follow

bodyparts 31

looking back
the image is never the same
the load i carry
always invisible
almost imaginary

how can an image become such a weight?

a change of posture
change of focus
the image change again
looking back
its never the same

as back then

bodyparts 30

i hear the sun fall through my window this morning
waiting for birds ......
they are too busy today

ripped between that silent crash and the hurries of life
i decide to pick up where i left
walking slowly
without the body weight

time keeps on kicking
adding bruises to my guts
so i wriggle myself free
with a deep sigh falling back into the light

luckily lost
between the in n out of breaths
as i leave my body
floating peacefully inside

then i clean the kitchen stove
have some thoughts about the laundry
fold fiftyseven papers
then drop dead
once again

wanting to live guilt free
being able to let go
keep on falling with the sunshine
letting laundry piles just grow



now the birds are singing evening songs for me

bodyparts 29

as im digging scratching diving
skin or soul deep
feeling sensing being

the body is my marker
of both time and space

so when timeless and outspaced
when nothing replaces the one
what is then appropriate
to show?

a bit of flesh?
or just a thought
a hint of shapes behind the mind?

the image gets distorted anyway
becomes a dream of lights
inside the eye

i still caress the softest parts
and carry on the weight
i move my bits 'n pieces
as i scratch 'n dig 'n dive

bodyparts 28

to embrace
the body and the self

it shouldnt be harder
than caressing a hidden chestnut
smoothly sliding fingers
over soft n silky surface
with care

it couldnt be more difficult
than touching the fallen peony petal
feeling the still bright
weightless velvet fragility
with joy

the body and the self,
hidden and fragile
covered in its scars and shame,

with love

bodyparts 27

then i stop
in this awkward position
with the legs kinda stiff
not really suitable for walking

a hovering feeling
of uncertainty and choices

even if they all
are encouraging my walks
its not the goal that is important
i have to chose which way to go
i have to move and leave behind

cause standing still
will always take me back

bodyparts 26

i have no words for you
i have no visibility

slowly letting go of noise
breathing only sound

washing off appearance
going for my bones

on my journey to the inside
the longest trip i made


bodyparts 25

there r trix
that i can do
with empty hands

making noises
that r silence

making movements
that r still

n recieving

taking care
of inner self

bodyparts 24

it is time
n i've got help
words to kick my butt
to define my direction

"you must see and drop the unhealthy patterns with both hands if you want to be friends with yourself and life

you must be willing to give up everything...
your own life included, to come into alignment with what is

if you are serious and you have had enough pain and wasting time
this is a last chance situation

there may be not much time left and there is a lot to do

there is absolutely nothing to fear"

so here i am
both hands empty

turning a risk
into a chance

bodyparts 23

turning heavy bodyparts
into the lighter side of me

the yin and yang of be

bodyparts 22

haven't made love since 1984
in the sunshine, on the floor
that desperate last time
do you remember?

since then, just love
a plainer kind of love
no sex attached to it
then plainer sex
no love combined with it

both styles marketed
examined and performed
messed up by my needs
still wanting it all

in that sunshine
on the floor

bodyparts 21

yes or no
what my mouth wont say
my body will describe

no and yes
what my body fears
my mouth will touch

a double message
for you to relate to

an entangled relation
for me to define

bodyparts 20

as im asking myself questions
there is a split in opposites
balanced to the ultimate
drawn to the extreme edge
from where i stand
right in between
legs apart over the abyss

a choice to fall or spread out wide
connect my right and left
translations made to understand
answers might not be needed
just silence voiced
the movements stilled
translated to awareness

bodyparts 19

i can clearly see
how im adding to the mystery
making choices out of blindness
out of fear of actual change

if i chose to let it be
grasp my own complexity
there are changes to be made
and a pattern to set free

bodyparts 18

between me and everyone, the flow is like the tide

for survival


to enjoy


against fear


open passages to everything inside

i need to hide

bodyparts 17

i realise its all about the light
how i place them
not to far from each other

made up hopes n dreams
fabricated visions

like candles, beacons, lanterns, tracers
to make the future somehow visible

and yet i know for sure
that i can walk in total darkness
without ever getting lost

the lights are just there
to give it all
a warmer feeling

bodyparts 16

childhood fascination
watching red blood flow
through the smoothest skin

press my flashlight tighter
making fingers glow
(why was it always done in bed?)

as if fingertips held all the magic
the key to sensibility
even long before i knew....

having all the answers
secrets to creativity
the birth place of my words

in that one spot glowing

bodyparts 15

i dont mind the beauty of seamless people
the treasures found in gifted brains
i wont hide admiration for talented minds
or souls, weightlessly floating on air

watching them carefully
listening close
changing their sounds into words
to a map on my body n skin

now i easily follow each line as i move
never once getting lost
understanding the meaning of life as it is
a map translated by me

bodyparts 14

wondering in a circle
the necessity to move in orbit

avoiding collission with the stars
those taking advantage of every darkness
making it into their background
to shine against as suns

i use their light
to outline my dark sides
my fears hanging on a line
as wet sheets flapping in the night

attracting only hunting bats

bodyparts 13

sometimes moving very fast
will take you into timelessness
rushing through a million things
will get you back to one
exploding brain activity
can make you feel the peace

silently leave you
here and now

bodyparts 12

measuring the size of a body
the position of its parts

how many steps to take
before getting to the core

how many miles to walk
before encircleing its importance

how far to reach
before grasping its ephemerality

then make desicions
of changing it all

Monday, August 13, 2007

bodyparts 11

defining myself through my bodyparts
separating the pieces
taking me apart

excluding emotions
adding logic and art
and all i come up with is a questionmark





bodyparts 10

spaced out!
body check....
what is left of the past me?

passing places where i've been
there might be the slightest breeze
of emptyness
left behind

a hole in the existence
plain air filling my space
memories as floating clouds
a thin feeling of blue





bodyparts 9

brain on autopilot
body on slow mode
eyes closed for the season
ears and mouth shut off

solely depending
on fingertip emotions
tactile sense of skin
defining positive from negativ
and all the shades between





bodyparts 8

giving u an image
chose the bodypart
fitting it for vision
cool enough for art

transformed into beauty
of shadows and light
making the reality
simple black and white

does that make it a lie?





bodyparts 7

what is truth?

is it images i get when opening my eyes
or those i see with my eyes closed?

is it the words i hear from right n left
or the words inside my head?

is it the figure standing on the ground
or the shadow stretched in front of it?

is it the logic my brain supplies
or emotions that my body feels?

is there truth at all?
is there anything at all?

or are we just playing in front of mirrors
seeing nothing but ourselves





bodyparts 6

dont come too close
too many scars
making me vulnerable n scared

like when a burnmark
mostly healed
is touched by loving
breeze of care
a tiny drop of softest warmth
it cuts like knives
through every shield

so stay away
or comfort me
only with a heart of ice





bodyparts 5

space invaded
close to right hip
by a small forsaken sorrow
slowly burning, oozing fear

covered up
to be forgotten
never heard and never seen
buried in my bodyparts

as layer upon layer
is added firmly over years
making the grave
deep enough





bodyparts 4

as smooth as u can touch
as deep as u can get
my sensors are uncountable
my g-spot never found

i spread them out
those that were touched
a pattern of desire
on a carpet made of bodyparts

walk easy on that carpet
press carefully my spots
mobilize my resources
revivify my soul





bodyparts 3

using the spotlight as my veil
draped upon my hills n valleys
highlighting my bodyparts

standing alone
in the shadow of those hills

exposing the hidden
hiding in the exposed